SPE ATCE 2015 - Trade Show Booth

In late 2015 IHS underwent a brand revitalization that included a return to their original 3D logo and dark blue color scheme. It was at that point it was decided to rebrand the company's Energy booth. Working directly with the Marketing Manager, we established exactly which pieces needed to be updated and the cost to update them. The marketing team relied on my in-depth knowledge of the layout of this structure to deliver an end-product that was highly impactful and would deliver their desired message to trade show attendees. This booth structure is used at several energy events throughout the year and thus is required to be usable in numerous configurations, the booth can be transformed from a 10x10 square foot booth to a 40x40 square foot booth depending on what is needed for each particular show.

The entire process had to be completed in less then three weeks and required several rounds of revisions and mock-ups. After all the final pieces were approved I personally worked with our print vendor to ensure that all materials were supplied appropriately for production. 

With a new streamlined and clean appearance, the end results included increased foot traffic rates, with many attendees complimenting IHS's booth staff on how engaging the newer the booth was. This update ultimately lead to more leads which resulted in increased pipeline revenue.